We have lost a beloved family member and a wonderful personality

CH S*Fridalas Kaktus

Född: 2008 01 03
Hona, Svartsköldpadd Tabby Vit Bicolour, f 03 22
Pappa: IC S*Just Catnap's Chad, d 09 22
Mamma: GIC S*Fridalas Digitalis, f 22

HCM: normal 2009 01 15 (vet Torkel Falk)
GSD IV: normal (both parents normal)



Saturday, March 31 2012
Last night we lost our Kaktus ♥ ♥ ♥
We are shocked and devastated. Kaktus was like a child in the family, and she saw us as her family, I do not think she saw herself as one of the cats in the family. She had a tremendous personality, charm and curiosity, and she loved to take care of all of us, wash our hair, jumping up in our embrace and always be beside us. She is the mother of such beautiful kittens, many of them has the same wonderful personality and confidence as Kaktus - we are so happy for the offspring she has given us.
It's very painful to write these words, it feels like a bad dream. But I want to inform about this now because Kaktus was going to have her kittens now, and I want to tell what is happening before anyone wonder.

Kaktus was going to give birth to her kittens, she was at day 64, on Friday, when she began showing signs that birth was approaching. She was like she used to be, chatty and social, and wanted to be accompanied every minute, like she use to be when she's going to give birth. In the evening, she was a little bit calmer, the kittens were moving in her stomach and Kaktus wanted to eat and drink, so I took the opportunity to sleep for an hour with Kaktus in the same room . When I awoke, I felt that Kaktus was a bit cold and the temperature was at 34.5. I went with haste into the Helsingborg Animal Hospital. The ultrasound of the babies showed only a faint heart sounds, and it was decided to operate Kaktus. There were large amounts of blood in the womb and Kaktus died on the operating table because she lost so much blood, none of her kittens survived. According to the veterinarian has a blood vessel burst or a placenta detached - Kaktus past deliveries has been without any complications at all - and the shock over what has happened now is huge.
We miss her tremendously much ♥ ♥ ♥

January the 22nd 2015.
Lately I have heard that there is one person who doesn't believe that Kaktus died the terrible way that I have explained above. This person say that Kaktus died because of FIP.  
If anyone want to take part of the veterinary report - just let me know, and I will send you a copy, to avoid that false rumors will be spread.

Thank you.